Kerkyra, Corfu Town

Corfu Town is bustling with life in the summer. People enjoy strolling through the old town, window-shopping at the many souvenir shops and drinking a coffe at the famous Esplanade.

Yachts can lie in the fishing port alongside of each other at the inside of the breakwater. The entrance is narrow and quite difficult to find. In this port, dytrip boats have their own mooring place. Do not moor here, they have little patient with tourists. A quay wall that's empty during the day is toward sundown completely occupied by these boats. It's safest to moor alongside another yacht. You may have to use long (anchor)lines to the quay and [springen]. When walking over other boats don't walk through the shell and try to keep as quiet as possible at night. Ask your neighbours when they are leaving and make sure there's someone on board at that time. At the ice factory next to the bakery you can get ice to fill your coolbox (keys are at the bakery). In the morning it's certainly worth visiting the local market with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and spices. This harbour in Corfu doesn't have water or showers. There is however a post office, banks, a telephone office, shops, restaurants, a cinema, bars and night clubs etc.

At the northern side of the Old Fort lies the little harbour of the local Yacht Club. This is not cheap and has the problem of  swell caused by passing ferries.

South of the Old Fort is the little harbour of the rowing and sailing club NAOK. Yachts kan spend the night here, but it's quite expensive. This harbour should be avoided at strong southern wind.

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Jan 3, 2018

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