Petriti-Boukari, South Corfu

Petriti is a small, still not touristically developed fishing village. Little space for maneuvering in this small and shallow harbour. Watch out that you don't enter with too many boats at the same time to moor. Opposite the restaurant at the quay is the place of the larger fishing boats. These go to sea after midday but may come back early in the morning and wil be needing their place to unload the fish.

Watch out if a fisherman is leaving the harbour when you are about to enter. Give them space, wait outside the harbour. When you enter the harbour you can look for a place along the quay to starboard, between the smaller fishing boats. Take care to come in wide and then turn sharply to come in at a right angle to the quay without crossing other anchor lines. Moor here with the bow to shore and back anchor out. Next to the quay there are some rocks. Only right at the entrance is it deep enough for larger yachts to moor backwards. Make sure your anchor is as far away as possible, it's bad anchoring ground.

Larger yachts can also anchor outside the harbour. Do turn on your top light, fishing boats go in and out also during the night. There may be some occasional swell from passing ferries.

With strong southeastern wind you shouldn't use this harbour. High swell till inside the harbour and bad anchoring ground. On the contrary, it's a very good harbour against the "maistro" (NW).

There are several restaurants at the harbour. No ATM and also credit cards are not really popular here. For a mini market and a bakery you have to walk into the village.

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