Gouvia Marina

Our main base is located in Gouvia Marina, Corfu, Greece. This large, land-locked bay lies just over 3M WNW of Kerkyra Port and Corfu Town.

From here you can explore the North Corfu Channel, Central Corfu, South Corfu, the small islands Paxos and Anti Paxos, and popular mainland Greece ports and bays including Sayada and Plataria. Further south are also the islands of Lekfas, Ithaca, Cephalonia and Zakinthos – all waiting to be explored during your Ionian sailing holiday.

Facilities include water and electricity at all berths, onsite showers, toilets and laundry, an ATM and mini markets, shops, a cafe, a restarant and a large swimming pool with (snack) bar. Outside the marine in Kondoklai village there’s another ATM and a bigger and cheaper supermrket, as well as several restaurants and bars.

In this port there are permanent mooring lines, so don’t use your own anchor. Watch out when leaving the berth that the thin rope connecting the mooring to the quay doesn’t get tangled in your propeller. When sailing into Gouvia always keep the green buoys on starboard and the red ones on port. Don’t try to sail otherwise, you’ll get stuck.

The ISA and Sea You Yachts boats lie on pier T of quay A

We can recommend the following restaurants:

  • Takis Taverna in Kontokali, with all kinds of grilled meat, many Corfiot dishes, but also their own recipes such as Dimitri’s own smoked trout.
  • Bistro Boileau to the right of the pedestrian’s exit of the marina. Slightly more expensive restaurant that cooks a good fillet steak.
  • Between Gouvia and Kondokali there’s Pizzeria Enzo. Also for pizza’s to go if you feel like eating on the boat.
  • 5 kilometers towards Paleokastritsa there’s bio bistro Lucciola, serving organic food and with live music in the weekends.

Paxos Lakka

A large bay on the North end of Paxos Island much visited by tripper boats, dinghy sailors, wind surfers and yachts.

Paxos Longos

A miniature harbour a third of the way down the E coast from Lakka. Most provisions onshore and tavernas and bars.

Paxos Gaios

The main harbour on the island tucked in and completely hidden behind the islet of Ay Nikolaos. Ferries and excursion boats run from Corfu and Parga on a daily basis and some of the large ferries from Italy also stop here.


Just over a mile SE of Gaios is the enclosed bay of Mongonisi. Ashore find tavernas set among gnarled, mature olive trees.

Emmerald bay – Antipaxos

Beautiful but very popular bay.

Sayada, Mainland Greece

Water near the quay. The hamlet ashore is a little visited place where tavernas serve simple but good fare, including good fresh fish caught locally.

Aleko’s family are ready to serve you

Plataria, Mainland Greece

A recently enlarged harbor inside Ormos Platarias, the large bay lying under Akrotiri Kondoramourto. There is good shopping for provisions as well as tavernas and cafes on the waterfront.

Sivota-Mourtos, Mainland Greece

Just over 5M S of Ak Kondramourto, the S entrance to Igoumenitsa, lie the Sivota Islands and, on the mainland shore opposite, the village of Mourtos. The high bold islands: Nisis Ay Nikolaos, Nisis Sivota, and Nisis Mavros Notos, are easily identified from the N or S.

Parga, Mainland Greece

Parga is the village tucked under the castle to the E of Ormos Valtou, the bay that is most used by yachts and sand and sea lovers. do not  use  the main quay at town .  you  can drop an anchor  or use the small harbor west  of the castle .  Janis the  watertaxi man can  bring you to town .

Kerkyra, Corfu Town

Corfu Town is bustling with life in the summer. People enjoy strolling through the old town, window-shopping at the many souvenir shops and drinking a coffe at the famous Esplanade.

Yachts can lie in the fishing port alongside of each other at the inside of the breakwater. The entrance is narrow and quite difficult to find. In this port, dytrip boats have their own mooring place. Do not moor here, they have little patient with tourists. A quay wall that’s empty during the day is toward sundown completely occupied by these boats. It’s safest to moor alongside another yacht. You may have to use long (anchor)lines to the quay and [springen]. When walking over other boats don’t walk through the shell and try to keep as quiet as possible at night. Ask your neighbours when they are leaving and make sure there’s someone on board at that time. At the ice factory next to the bakery you can get ice to fill your coolbox (keys are at the bakery). In the morning it’s certainly worth visiting the local market with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and spices. This harbour in Corfu doesn’t have water or showers. There is however a post office, banks, a telephone office, shops, restaurants, a cinema, bars and night clubs etc.

At the northern side of the Old Fort lies the little harbour of the local Yacht Club. This is not cheap and has the problem of swell caused by passing ferries.

South of the Old Fort is the little harbour of the rowing and sailing club NAOK. Yachts kan spend the night here, but it’s quite expensive. This harbour should be avoided at strong southern wind.

Preveza, Mainland Greece

Preveza sits just inside the entrance to Amvrakikos Kolpos and NE of the island of Levkas that shelters the inland sea. The town’s many facilities including good shopping, tavernas, bars and restaurants. International and domestic flights leave from Aktion airport just across the channel.

Petriti-Boukari, South Corfu

Petriti is a small, still not touristically developed fishing village. Little space for maneuvering in this small and shallow harbour. Watch out that you don’t enter with too many boats at the same time to moor. Opposite the restaurant at the quay is the place of the larger fishing boats. These go to sea after midday but may come back early in the morning and wil be needing their place to unload the fish.

Watch out if a fisherman is leaving the harbour when you are about to enter. Give them space, wait outside the harbour. When you enter the harbour you can look for a place along the quay to starboard, between the smaller fishing boats. Take care to come in wide and then turn sharply to come in at a right angle to the quay without crossing other anchor lines. Moor here with the bow to shore and back anchor out. Next to the quay there are some rocks. Only right at the entrance is it deep enough for larger yachts to moor backwards. Make sure your anchor is as far away as possible, it’s bad anchoring ground.

Larger yachts can also anchor outside the harbour. Do turn on your top light, fishing boats go in and out also during the night. There may be some occasional swell from passing ferries.

With strong southeastern wind you shouldn’t use this harbour. High swell till inside the harbour and bad anchoring ground. On the contrary, it’s a very good harbour against the “maistro” (NW).

There are several restaurants at the harbour. No ATM and also credit cards are not really popular here. For a mini market and a bakery you have to walk into the village.

Benitses, South Corfu

Tourist resort with new harbour. Well protected against southern winds.

Limited mooring space, the harbour is almost full with local fishing boats.
Don’t use your own anchor. If the permanent moorings are all occupied, it’s beter to moor along the quay alongside each other. This way you avoid getting an anchor caught onder a chain.
Sometimes there’s still space just to the right or left of the entrance. Smaller boats kan also moor on the short side of the fisherman’s quay with 2 [springen]. Make surte you have enough fenders.

Watch out when crossing the road. People tend to drive fast here. At “Paxinos” restaurant you can eat some good, fresh fish.

Agios Stefanos, North Corfu Channel

Anchor in 2-7m where convenient on mud, sand and weed. There are numerous restaurants and bars ashore.

Agni, Corfu

A much-loved spot for sailors, Agni Bay offers beautiful views and traditional tavernas serving delicious Corfiot specialities and seafood.

Kalami Bay, North Corfu Channel

A large bay immediately S of Kouloura. Anchor in 4-10m where convenient. The bottom is sand and weed, good holding. Onshore find tavernas.

Kouloura Bay, North Corfu Channel

A small bay S of Agios Stefanos, it is recognisable from the small church perched on the edge of a miniature harbour. Best for small boats, and care should be taken of the shoal water and reef with less than a metre over it bordering the breakwater for nearly 100m to the N and E.



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